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Cellular Hair Energy Combination

activate hair follicle

with patent nano cell regeneration technology

Nowadays, those who suffer from hair loss and hairline shifting backward are actually due to living habits or too much pressure, which leads to unhealthy scalp and dormant hair follicles.


For moderate to severe hair loss, Bloom has developed a cell growth energy combination using Jinan University’s patented technology-nano cell regeneration technology, which can effectively activate hair follicle regeneration, inhibit hair follicle degeneration, and regain density of lost or sparse hair.


Like plants, when the scalp soil is healthy with the proper nourishment from organic ingredients, the hair will naturally grow strong and healthy.

Expect Results: Within 28 days

100mg + 5ml

Cell Regeneration Powder Ingredients: Hydrolyzed collagen, mannitol, water, oligopeptide-3, D-panthenol, BFGF, connective tissue growth factor

Cell Regeneration Solution Ingredients: Water, sodium hyluronate, seaweed extract, birch juice extract, hibiscus flower fermentation broth, bioactive enzymes

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