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Nutrient for your scalp

like applying fertilizer to healthy scalp soil

With pure plant extracts and essential hair growth essence

Just like planting, you need to fertilize it to make it grow better.

In response to different hair loss conditions, Bloom Hair Solutions uses different products.


For mild to moderate hair loss, it is generally recommended to use Bloom pure organic ingredients formula hair growth nutrient solution.


Bloom Hair Nutrient Solution contains extracts of ginseng, fleece flower root, skullcap and other plants hair growth essences, which can provide sufficient nutrients to the scalp. These active ingredients nourish the scalp and hair roots, and prevent hair loss Ideal for strong hair growth. 


Ingredients: Water, arborvitae leaf extract, sea buckthorn extract, ginseng, ganoderma extract, scutellaria root extract, vitamin B6

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